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Jeff Smith – Medical Marketing Mastery System


The Medical Marketing Mastery System – by Jeff Smith

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What is the Medical Marketing Mastery System and Why Should You Care?

The Medical Marketing Mastery System, or MMMS, is a real world, “business in a box” system for building a six figure marketing consulting business within 90 days or less by acquiring just 3 new targeted medical clients who pay you an average $3000 each.

These targeted “high value transaction” medical clients may include specific niches of Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors and other specialized medical businesses and practices that are identified in the course.

The MMMS system includes training modules for planning, marketing, prospecting, selling, closing and servicing of the clients along with access to proven, world-class, and “done for you” outsourcing resources so that students can focus on selling and servicing management – and not the physical labor associated with service delivery.

Jeff entered the local marketing scene in January 2011, while on sabbatical after a 2-year stint as President of a software company in California, when he received an email from Ryan Deiss explaining “the huge opportunity created by Google’s creation of 49 million+ free websites.”  Jeff saw the opportunity too.


Who is Jeff Smith?


Jeff went on to purchase Laura Betterly’s “Local Mobile Fusion, Kate Buck’s “Let’s Get Social,” and John Limbocker’s “SEO Guru” and after a few weeks study his local marketing agency, Local Mobile Social, LLC was born.

Jeff spent several more weeks seeking out world-class outsourcing resources to do the work. He then secured several clients who were paying modest fees for SEO and local search. But after a few months he knew there must be an easier way to build a six figure business.

So after a chance meeting with Josh Boxer in October 2011, Jeff re-organized and re-positioned his business and marketing plans and after firing his $500/mo. clients he initiated his revised plans and within 90 days had built a successful 6 figure business helping Doctors get new patients.



The business grew dramatically and in June, 2012, Jeff launched the Medical Marketing Mastery System via his first webinar with Mario brown and Brian Anderson and created an instant success.

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How Has the Medical Marketing Mastery System Performed for JV Partners?


Overall Stats

  • Average 24 hour conversion: 38% (range 27%-51%)
  • Average EPC: $14.30


Affiliate Comments and Performance Metrics

Mike Cooch

“I’ve reviewed his process and can tell you Jeff has THE MOST COMPLETE SYSTEM for findingclosing and servicing high paying clients I’ve seen.”

Registrants: 486; Attendees: 220; 24 hour sales: 112; 24 hour sales %: 51%; Total sales: 193

Mario Brown and Brian Anderson

“The MMM webinar that I did with Jeff was one of the top 5 webinars we did in the past year.   Tremendous value from an education standpoint to our customer base – virtually NO ONE hung up on the call!

With an on-call conversion of 25% + — we loved it!”

Registrants: 459; Attendees: 234; 24 hour sales: 94; 24 hour sales %: 40%; Total sales: 155

Costas Peppas

“In just one year, Jeff not only broke into one of the most lucrative niches for consultants, but he mapped out a complete System on how anyone can do it”

Registrants: 295; Attendees: 142; 24 hour sales: 51; 24 hour sales %: 36%; Total sales: 105

Dr. Dan and RockStar Ben

“This by far was one of our most successful webinar trainings in a long time!”

Registrants: 343; Attendees: 151; 24 hour sales: 56; 24 hour sales %: 37%; Total sales: 86


Steve Rosenbaum

“I should have taken a screen shot of all the unbelievable comments, thank you’s and compliments that poured in from all over the world (and we still had most of the room logged in even after Jeff delivered his wealth of knowledge and answered questions for 2 and a half hours)!”

Registrants: 258; Attendees: 111; 24 hour sales: 42; 24 hour sales %: 38%; Total sales: 69

Rob Actis:

“Jeff’s Course is Da Bomb!”

Registrants: 192; Attendees: 78; 24 hour sales: 21; 24 hour sales %: 27%; Total sales: 35

Less than 5% refunds, typically because buyers don’t want to do the work or are broke.

How Has the Medical Marketing Mastery System Performed for Students?

“Thanks to Jeff’s amazing system I closed my first plastic surgeon yesterday following his 3 step close system. $8700 up front, $6000 per month, 6 month contract. I have also applied the training to another client who is a $4000 a month client. Within 2 months I transformed my whole business model into a six figure business empire. Thanks again for all the help and support Jeff.”  Julien D.


I am such a fan of Jeff Smith and his system.  I truly value the practical, yet forward-thinking tools and processes he brings to his associates.  When Jeff suggests something, I listen very carefully even if at first I think, oh no not something more to learn.  And the reason is that I trust Jeff.  There’s no hype, hyperbole, or overstated promises with Jeff.  He’s straightforward, respectful of our time and budget and is dedicated to providing solid, differentiated value.


Before using Jeff’s multi-step, strategic process to get new clients, I wasted too much time and energy reworking different approaches with limited success.  Now, using this process, I am not selling clients, I am teaching and advising them on how to win in their markets.  And with all the resources Jeff brings to us through the his membership community, I am able to deliver high-quality value to my clients.  Yep, stick with Jeff; it’s honestly a win-win.    D Jensen


You are awesome…I have a new client for $4,300 per month and your stuff has helped…I wish the lawyer lead gen was setup because I would be using it now.  Thank you for the great work! Anna A.

Love how strategic you are and the win-win value you keep delivering. You’ve clearly leveraged your corporate background to maximum advantage and your experience with enterprise level platforms is evident in the solution offerings you architect.

Bravo! I am very happy for your success, Jeff, and appreciate the value of the information you so generously share. Thanks, Janice C.


BTW- I have videos ranking on the first page of Google for suburbs in 4 major U.S. cities. I sent email and letters to the first and am beginning telephone follow-up today. I also was able to speak with Nick Pappas in August, signed the NDA and am prepared to get some proposals going. Thanks again for an awesome training course. Regards, EP

Take a Peek at the Medical Marketing Mastery System…


user: jvreview

pw: jvreview2012

Take a Peek at a Typical Webinar…

This is a replay of my webinar with Steve Rosenbaum

After 90 minutes of Pure “I Reveal All” Training, Here’s the Offer


My Step-by-Step Six Figure Medical Business Blueprint

ü  51 Page Detailed Strategy Outline and “How To” Training Manual

ü  8 “How To” Training Videos  with Mp3’s


My “Done for You” Marketing Templates, Tools and Scripts

ü  34 Page, Detailed Marketing Plan and “How to” Training Manual

ü  8 “Done for You,” “Cut & Paste” Marketing Templates including:

  • Marketing Audit Questionnaire Template
  • Market Competition eBook Template
  • 3 Client Acquisition email Templates
  • $1 Bill “Lumpy Mail” Direct Mail Letter “Cut & Paste” Template
  • “Warm” Call Back Script Template
  • Actions Steps Checklist Template

ü  3 “How to” Videos Covering each of the Marketing Tools and My Marketing Plan


Bonus #1: Close 90% of Prospects with Competitive Analysis 

ü  Overview of My Entire Competitive Analysis Strategy Including “How to Sell” Video

ü  Over the Shoulder “How To Create” the Competitive Analysis Report Video

ü  Sample Competitive Analysis “Cut & Paste” Report Template


Bonus #2: My Outsourcing Resources

ü  Access to my World-Class Outsourcing Providers for All Your Local Marketing Service’s Needs


Plus These Other Great Bonuses:

ü  10 Q&A Webinars with Industry Marketing Gurus and Outsourcing Resources

ü  Interviews with Students Who Have Built Six Figure Businesses with this Course

ü  Access to Active Private Facebook Group to Mastermind with Your Successful Peers


Backed by a Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


JV Offer Details


Price Point: Product offered at $197.

Affiliate Commission: Affiliates receive 50% commission

JVZoo Link: (we need to set up your JV broker page on here)

Cross-promotion: Jeff’s membership now exceeds 1000 with major growth expected into 2013. Jeff has promoted, and in selected cases features inside the MMMS site, targeted products which the membership believes are relevant to the marketing of high priced marketing services to the medical community.